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homeless: looking for affordable living space; Studio or 1 bdrm

Author: Anonymous (County of San Diego)
Posted: 04/16/2019 @ 0:46 am
Senior seeking affordable housing immediately. Has been looking to find own space to call home and settle down for months. Some ace safe, secure, free of bedbugs, roaches, and rodents. Reasonably priced. Located on bustline, or close to trolly.Retired Social Worker who knows how to take care of others belongings. Dont have perfect credit and one previous eviction from 2015 when I got sick due to my lack of care for my diabeties. In process of making restitution by setting up s payment arrangement. Took Via Spadat: scored 6: have been waiting for rapid rehousing. name on section 8 list almost 2 yeard. Contact #(571) 363-6079. or I receive SSDI. Serious Post.