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4 updates

  • B22 807 - Council Member Vincent Gray (DC)
    Medical Necessity Review Criteria Amendment Act of 2018
    01/18/2019 - Returned from Mayor
  • B22 97 - Council Member Mary Cheh (D-DC)
    Foster-Parent Pre-Service Training Regulation Amendment Act of 2017
    01/18/2019 - Returned from Mayor
  • B23 54 - Council Member Vincent Gray (DC)
    Opioid Overdose Prevention Act of 2019
    01/18/2019 - Notice of Intent to Act on B23-0054 Published in the District of Columbia Register
  • B23 72 - Council Member David Grosso (I-DC)
    Marijuana Legalization and Regulation Act of 2019
    01/22/2019 - Referred to Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety, Committee on Business and Economic Development, Committee on Finance and Revenue, and Committee of the Whole with comments from the Committee on Transportation and the Environment
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